Organized. Focused. Thorough.

Whether R W Smith is providing pre-construction or construction services, we are committed to ensuring that the client’s new project is well received in the community. We accomplish this by being organized, focused and thorough in everything that we do.

R W Smith strives to be a good neighbor, making a special effort to be sensitive to the environment in which projects are being constructed. We understand the importance of upholding the integrity and reputation of our client by treating adjacent businesses and properties with respect.

There is no aspect of our business more important to us than the safety of our workers and others on the job site. Our project managers and job superintendents are trained in the latest OSHA safety methods and requirements. Mandatory weekly job site safety meetings constantly remind workers of the potential dangers of the construction sites and how to best safeguard against injuries. Safety starts with a drug-free environment. We tolerate nothing less.

Staying focused on our clients and their reputations in the community has enabled R W Smith to enjoy many long-standing client relationships. Our commitment to safety ensures a healthy working environment for our employees.

We Are a Drug-
Free Company